New to the mortgage loan or the offset

One of the most important factors necessary to restore the real estate market has been and remains the availability of resources. This is especially important if we are talking about buildings. In this case, a construction company, directly or indirectly dependent on banks’ lending to individuals and the company itself. Since 2010 the number of financial institutions that issue credit, as well as the number of companies offering apartments in new houses in Moscow, Moscow and other cities in the credit has been steadily rastet. Mozhno expect that demand for such facilities will be continuously increasing, because this there are a lot of assumptions. After all, new buildings, it is primarily an opportunity to buy an apartment in a new home for less money. In this regard, many people prefer to save money when buying not only the early stages of development, but also selecting the objects are not from the center, and from the Moscow region (within 10-30 km from Moscow). Such a demand for apartments contribute to their main characteristics and differences from the secondary housing, which, in combination, are also highlights, which you should pay attention when choosing an apartment in novostroykah. Samoe importantly, if the house had not yet put into operation, you will not get the very real estate, and property rights to it. In this case, we will determine whether those property rights as a result of the property depends on the builder. Therefore, companies need to choose with caution, putting them on the possible maximum number of references. Often, to neutralize this risk, buyers prefer almost completed new buildings in Moskve. Vtoroy important point – this is what you have selected the infrastructure around the new building in Moscow (or in any other city). Agree, a great apartment in a place where there are no entrances for cars, no kindergartens, shops, regular power outages and water, not a good prospect. Therefore, it should be selected taking into account the many infrastruktury. Dlya crisis has not passed, so there’s another factor: the program for which you can buy an apartment in almost unfinished house. It is not just about mortgages but also about the various schemes of the exchange, purchase of apartments by the developer and other ways to purchase apartments in new houses on stroiteley. Segodnya can safely say that even with the strict requirements of all three criteria, wishing to purchase an apartment in building, there are plenty to choose from.

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